To accept a little death is worse than death itself. - Chani

Hey what's up I'm Thufie.

For a full and up to date bio you can always see my Mastodon Bio.
I used an endeavorOS/frankenarch system on my x200 (until it was stolen, if you are the thief I will help you reset libreboot to defaults lmao, email me :P) and various franken-arch or debian systems pretty much everywhere else. I'm running a bit more of a contemporary system now, even if it would still be considered small by most computer folks, even smaller than my x200. The GPD Win Max 2 (Ryzen) is honestly a really great laptop by the by... The specs on modern machines are amazing and I am really lucky to have this. My first language is English, but I do understand some Russian, Spanish, and Israeli Hebrew. I know how to program in several paradigms and reserve "language knowledge" to whatever I've been working in most lately, however an up to date-ish list is kept in my mastodon bio. I am a so-called "Computer Scientist" but honestly that can mean so many things, just putting this here to let you know that I suffered and continue to do so.

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